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Picken : mix and match the farm animals!

Mixes and matches the front and back halves of farm animals to create brand new animals, including a goolf, cacken, and kippy. - (Baker & Taylor)

"A companion to Crocopotamus presents a riotous mix-and-match novelty book that invites children to swap sturdy, boldly colored flip pages to make silly farm-animal combinations, from a ""chiglet"" to a ""kippy.""" - (Baker & Taylor)

Mix and match the front and back of farm animals to create funny new species!

If you could cross a calf with a chicken, would that be a cacken? How on earth do you make a chiglet? Would a kippy satisfy folks who love kittens and puppies? With this inventive book, children are invited to flip the pages to make outlandish creatures with silly hybrid names. Featuring boldly colored, simply shaped animals ready to be mixed up again and again, these sturdy board-book pages open to the left and the right for easy manipulation by little hands. - (Random House, Inc.)

Author Biography

Mary Murphy is the author-illustrator of many board books for children, including the companion title Crocopotamus as well as Mouse Is Small, Slow Snail, I Kissed the Baby!, and Quick Duck! She has also created many picture books, including A Kiss Like This, Say Hello Like This!, and Utterly Lovely One. She lives in Dublin, Ireland. - (Random House, Inc.)

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