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New Books
The magic misfits : the minor third
Tales from a not-so-popular party girl
Geronimo on ice!
Hug a tree, Geronimo
Boy-crazy Stacey
Anna, Banana, and the sleepover secret
Anna, Banana, and the little lost kitten
Diary of a wimpy kid : wrecking ball
Tell me a story : my life with Pat Conroy
The other daughter
Let me go
Being Edie is hard today
You are home : an ode to the national parks
The great gran plan
Puppy, puppy, puppy
Blue moon : a Jack Reacher novel
Olive, again
The way I heard it
Lifespan : why we age--and why we don
Letters from an astrophysicist
May I have a word?
Fergal and the bad temper
Phoebe sounds it out
Speaking to your dog
Our castle by the sea
Tiny T. Rex and the impossible hug
The book party
Lion and mouse
The great indoors
Samuel Morse, that